5 sites to listen to free music

You have certainly heard about YouTube, the famous video hosting platform. There is everything - almost! If you are looking for a rare piece, this is where you have to start. Since YouTube is a platform for video hosting, you may even find clips or live versions of your favorite music.

The hair, a symbol of power among the Frankish kings

There was a time when, in France, being hairy and hairy was not a hippie coquetry, but an obligation, a sign of royal status. The Visigoth Alaric who, in 509, touched Clovis' beard to submit to him, Queen Clotilde who opposed the tonsure of her three grandsons at the death of their father, in 524 ("Rather dead than shorn!

Make love ... at the right time!

Are you rather in the morning? In the evening? Of the afternoon ? Come on, do not be innocent. You understand that we are talking about jerks! Are there times when we do not feel like it? Do they intervene at regular intervals? Are there differences between men and women? The answers to these basic questions are yes, yes and yes!

My husband is making porn movies, so what?

Knowing he is watching the X makes us uncomfortable. We thought it was better than that! Hey, oh, we would not do it too much? It is urgent to try to understand before lynching. We suspect our darling to have the eye a little player on porn sites. Shocking! How does he dare ?

Personalize your decor with his family photos

Three ideas to enjoy your clichés in everyday life: - Compose a kitchen credenza really original C-macredence We choose the photo, but also the dimensions, funds, material, finishes for a result 100% custom. 156,40 € for an aluminum model H 50 x L 30 cm. - Make your snapshots of the wallpaper with Oh my Wall, which edits them on a non-woven, washable and eco-friendly support (biodegradable, PVC and VOC free).